Wednesday, 22 March 2017

donut day!

We aren't the best parents. 

We don't bathe our kids every night and their socks rarely match. Sometimes they watch Finding Dory three times in a row. Most of the time we don't even bring their coats home from school because realistically we know we're not gonna suit them up to play outside on the weekend. 

But all is redeemed when mama picks them up and declares that today is DONUT DAY! In that moment, we're the best parents in the whole wide world to two smiling faces. 

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Monday, 13 March 2017

miami trip with sarah!

This trip was a little bit crazy. It was a Monday afternoon when we decided we needed a vacation, a Wednesday night when we booked our flights, and by the crack of dawn the next Monday we were watching Ottawa disappear from the plane window. Miami was such a clutch choice. We are pretty grateful for the cheeeeap flights we found, and that we accidentally found ourselves in South Beach during Spring Break.

Within an hour of landing, our feet were in the sand. 

And we had already made our first friend: a waiter named James who gave us a list of all the places to be during our stay. 

First Miami breakfast. Too bad we didn't know about the Betsy Hotel at this point, but the FL Cafe did us just fine. We saw a double decker bus go by and booked our ticket 30 seconds later. Spontaneous fun! 

A little art deco tour of Ocean Drive <3

The hotel pool was what dreams were made of. 

The good news: we aren't going to stay away from South Beach for long. We LOVED this trip and made a vow to do it all over again someday soon. 


As always, a video to remember our trip:


iphone photos from february

February was a busy busy month, what with getting ready for the wedding show and having Coop sick TWICE. 

Sicky poo. 

Lazy fluffy dog needs a haircut. 

They're excited about the 48 pack of waffles in the cart. 

Making kiddo Valentines is the best. We had so much fun with it this year :)

Robots from Jilly <3

They were so freaking excited to wake up and put on their Valentines hats!


This teacher just won Valentine's Day. 

The sweetest Valentines Day card from my love <3

Ohhhhh this night out. Brittany -- let's just leave it at that. 

Classy little coffee date with my friend Shannon <3

This kid is excited for the snow to be melting. 

Those chubby little feet <3 

Thankfully, no more sickness for this guy since the end of February :)