Thursday, 8 December 2016

a bedroom makeover

The master bedroom was the room that got the least TLC after moving in. We were so excited to create a homey living room, dining room, and kitchen, and after painting the kids rooms and getting them all set up, the energy levels started to go down. I think everyone can relate to losing steam about 3 months after moving into their new home. 

Slowly but surely, we picked away with a master bedroom makeover. It started with painting the black furniture white, and ultimately we decided it would be a good time to upgrade from a Queen to a King. So glad we did!! I took a few photos today because the light was pretty and the bed was made. This is now one of my favourite rooms in the house :) 

Everyone loves a before and after, right? Ah! It looks like a totally different room: 

A coat of white paint has magic powers, I'm sure of it. 

Other stops on the home tour:

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