Thursday, 19 May 2016

coop and jilly at the beach

My plan was this: get one single photo of the babies at the beach. I pictured Coop screaming about the feel of the sand beneath his feet, I pictured Jillian stuffing dirt into her mouth. I pictured myself driving away from the beach with tears in my eyes thinking, "well that was a failure."

Instead, they were such good babies. It's getting easier! They're getting older and they're starting to like DOING stuff! I know it's only going to get better and better, but for now, I'm savouring the amazing evening we just had. Instead of screaming and dirt-eating, there were smiles, animal sightings, and new words learned. 

Monday, 9 May 2016

you're nine months old jillygirl!

Our favourite saying is that you woke up more beautiful than the day before. Whoever goes to grab you from your crib in the morning will come downstairs to report that yes, in fact, you did wake up more of a beauty. We are savouring every little thing about you, because we know how fast it goes!

You have two bottom teeth (the second one popped up this morning), wispy dark blonde hair, beautiful big blue eyes, and the most pleasant demeanour. Your favourite thing in the whole entire world: your brother. You can't get enough of him, and thankfully he really does love you back. We call you the giggle twins. We hear you laughing away in the backseat, taking turns looking at each other and laughing. What kinds of little games are you two going to play when you're bigger? I can't wait!

Nine months old and hanging out in 12-18 month clothes. You're definitely not as chunky now that you're crawling all over the place, but we still lovingly refer to you as a chunky ballerina. 

Your obsession with food is still going strong. Bagels, naan bread, raspberries, school-age mum mums, veggie straws, strawberry banana yogurt; you're a fiend. Anything Cooper doesn't finish goes straight to your tray, and you practically squeal with delight. Speaking of the squeals, you love to "sing." You sound like what I'd imagine a baby mermaid would sound like, singing away in your crib with the loveliest high notes.

I am so happy to have a baby girl. The headbands, the little shoes, the countless rompers that are sitting in my room with the tags still on, waiting for Summer...I am so excited. Thank you for being the sweetest little girl a mama could ask, sweet Jilly. We love you. 

Sunday, 8 May 2016

the kelly kids eating ice cream

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! 

We figured the one thing you'd love more than anything else in the world would be the thought that your four favourite mini-people got together for a quick photo shoot :) You're such a great nana and we hope you feel extra loved today! Enjoy these sticky & sweet photos that were taken in your honour <3

Love Laura and Ryan! 

Happy Mother's Day!