Thursday, 25 February 2016

a playdate with luca

I brought over a box of 4 cupcakes from Thimble Cakes, with a little flag on top that said, "Wanna be pregnant together?"

She freaked out. She was 6 months pregnant with Luca and I had literally just peed on a test and found out I was pregnant with Cooper 2 hours before our scheduled hangout. We got married 3 days apart, and now we would share a little bit of our pregnancies with each other. Luca and Cooper have always been bros, but we don't get together nearly as often as we should. 

Now that Jilly and Gia are on the scene, our two little daughters with matching bows, we find ourselves with an extra excuse to plan playdates. Four kids? We got this. 

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

cooper lately

On a typical day, we come into your room in the morning and see you running from side to side in your crib. You just can't wait to go downstairs and see if there are still sugar cookies on the dining room table. (Long story short: mama had 100 cookies made that just did NOT turn out the way she hoped, so they're slowly getting eaten and they're your favourite.) 

Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays are school days! You're proving to be very independent, making sure I know that it's YOU who hangs up your coat, not me. You really wish you could put your boots on all by yourself... Some day! 

Your signature move is lifting your shirt up, so we can see your belly, and screaming with excitement. Maybe 10% of the mornings when I get you from your crib, you're topless. You really like to be naked apparently. 

You can say: mama, daddy, Jilly (just sounds like Jee!), Weezy (sounds like Zee-Zee), Nana, Bump-a (short for Grandpa, obviously), cheese, house, nose, eyes, up, down, hi, bye, oh-no!, uh-oh!, juice, bobba (short for bottle), please, snooze, boots, jeans, show, poop, baby, and your personal favourite: no.

You're such a great big brother; so gentle with Jillian and careful when you're playing next to her. She has yet to take one of your golf clubs to the head, and we are thankful. You give her the sweetest little kisses on her face. I hope you love her forever. 

In the car you like to pretend you know how to sing. "Blah blah gee gah blu ba deek balook took mi du pleek," and so on and so forth. You mimic your mama's hand-dancing, and you have taken a liking to One Direction, which bodes well for us. 

Current eating status: pretty much only drinking milk, eating some goldfish every once in awhile, the rejected sugar cookies, chickpeas, one bite from each banana, any smartfood.

Favourite things: watching mom edit photos of you and Jillian. You point to each one and say "Jee!" if it's Jilly, or point to your belly and laugh if it's you. You love the funny selfie filters on snapchat, too. Most of the time we just take videos and send them to dad, but sometimes you accidentally save it to the camera roll, to be found and laughed at later. But your most favourite? When dad makes a fire. You are the best little helper and we pull your couch in front of it so that you can watch it close-up. 

You're almost two and it's time to start planning a birthday party that will properly celebrate the amazing little person you've grown up to be. We love you, snoozer. 

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

jilly and weezydog, always and forever

This cheeky little photographer-in-training has chosen her Valentine, apparently! Either that, or Weezydog just loves to get involved whenever we're taking pictures on the floor... 

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!! We hope your day is filled with love, whether from friends, family, or puppy dogs. 

Thursday, 11 February 2016

my two favourite people under five feet

I just love them so much. 

But I feel like it barely compares to the way they love each other. 

You should see Cooper's face in the morning when I come in holding Jillian in my arms. You should hear Jilly's laugh when Cooper runs over and shows her the toy he's holding. You should see the way he gently pats her belly and gives her a kiss on her cheek. And the way she finds his fingers with her little hands and holds on tight. 

I am so glad that they never really had to be without each other. 

Thursday, 4 February 2016

jillian turns six month old!

The day you were born doesn't feel like it was six whole months ago, little Jilly. It feels like mayyyyybe three months since we bundled you up in your carseat for the first time and drove home from the hospital with all the excitement in the world. 

Pretty wild that you slept in your crib that same very night, your first night outside my belly! But now that we're six months into this beautiful life with you, it kindof make sense. You've been nothing but easy since day one... (Well, maybe I'm forgetting a week of really struggling with breastfeeding, but that's not your fault.) 

You started looking like "you" around four months. Those big blue eyes opening up, your brown hairs getting replaced with blonde ones. Since then, you've grown into beautiful little girl. We recently discovered that you're ticklish! You have the tightest grip on our fingers, the cheekiest girlie smile, and the happiest demeanour when you're riding in the car. Just days before turning six months, you decided that it was time to play with toys. Your favourites include stuffed animals, whatever Cooper is currently holding, and the ferris wheel toy that suctions to the table. There is now drool on EVERYTHING. 

Happy six months pretty girl!