Tuesday, 5 May 2015

iphone photos from april

April was a month of big, big changes for our little family of four. Starting with...Cooper wearing big boy shoes! For the first two days his favourite activity was trying to pull them off, but he has now given up and wears them well :) They help him with his balance too and he's getting much better at standing on his own.

The POD was delivered for our move :) This actually feels like so long ago now! Pictured here is the friendly POD driver with an amazing Scottish accent.

Cooper and I enjoyed our last few errands in Barrhaven before officially becoming Stittsvillians. 

I was a busy bee packing and planning Coop's birthday party at the same time. We made this little handprint ornaments for the grandparents :)

A first birthday photoshoot was an absolute MUST...and I was determined Coop's first taste of the good stuff (AKA cake) would be from The Cupcake Lounge. We drove all over town to get the perfect cupcake.

On move-out weekend, the boys worked hard to fill every inch of the POD. I think it kinda became a game to them...how much stuff can we really fit in this thing...

Sunday night was our first night sleeping in Carleton Place. The POD was packed and the house was pretty much empty, except for a few things in the fridge and some cleaning supplies. Ry and I went over on Tuesday night to do our final tidy up and say goodbye to Nutgrove. It was so emotional to stand in that room as the sun was setting and remember all of the amazing moments we shared in that house.

2470 Nutgrove was our first home. We watched it get built from the ground up over 14 months. We added Weeze to our family, then Coop, and we found out about baby number two while we were there. We will never forget that place :)

The POD moved to Carleton Place with us, although we didn't even open it. We spent those 10 days hanging out in the hottub, shopping in Carleton Place, watching Season 1 of Modern Family, and thinking about Delamere.

Coop and I drove by the new house almost every single day on our way into town. We stopped at the Crantham park one afternoon for a little swing and he just loved it. I remember thinking that actually living in Delamere seemed so close and yet SO far away.

Out for dinner at a pub in CP for Dad's birthday :)

I took this photo on the morning we were getting the keys. I was so restless and excited and I couldn't wait for the lawyers to call so when Coop woke up from his first nap we just hit the town. We were almost in Kanata by the time Ry called to say that the keys were ready to pick up. He laughed at me when I told him I was around the corner from the lawyer's office. 

The car was packed up with the things we would need for our first night in the new house. It was an exciting day :) 


So excited to open the front door :)

The house was stunning. It was super clean (love you, previous owner!) and there was a big stack of manuals and warranties and all kinds of stuff for us to look through. Cooper and I walked around, poking our heads in every room just taking it all in. I heard the POD truck beeping outside and I couldn't believe the timing. We had only been in for maybe 10 minutes! 

My friendly POD driver told me he approved of this neighbourhood. "Much bettah than those dahn tight streets in yer ole place!"

The only thing in the fridge: my lonely iced cap. 

Since there was really nothing to do at 2:00pm in the empty house, I went to Farm Boy and picked up a few snacky things for Ryan and I to eat for dinner. Mom came to pick up Coop and take him back to Carleton Place for the night, since it would be too stressful to try and set up a place for him to sleep that night. It was so fun just the two of us :)

Ry got home at about 4:45pm and we walked through the whole house, room by room. We scoped out the stuff the previous owners left for us in the basement, like paint cans and some random huge tools that they probably didn't want to fly across Canada with. 

We picked away at our dinner and then decided to head over to Structube and pick up the new kitchen table we bought. We figured it might be nice to have two chairs to sit in for our moving weekend...

When we came home (weird..."home!") Ryan worked on setting up a fire for us. It was such a great night; I'll never forget it. We just sat around staring at the fire, eating our little picnic on two mattresses we set up on the floor. We had no TV, no internet, no baby...it was lovely.

Breakfast on Friday morning after picking up Coop, and then it was pretty much all about unpacking the kitchen for me, and unloading boxes from the POD for Ry. 

SO excited about my new dishes!!!

I only took one or two photos of moving day on Saturday before my phone died. I was being called from every floor all day, "Laura, where do you want this?" and I just never had a moment to find my charger. 

We were lucky to have Scott and Rebecca and the girls in town for that weekend! It was a smooth move. Things came in, they got set up, the ladies helped unpack, and someone was always babysitting Cooper :) Dinner was BBQ'd hamburgers, caesar salad, and fruit. 

My oversized clock looked GREAT on the wall!

After a busy moving day we were happy to just get out and do something on Sunday with Scott, Rebecca, and the kids. We stopped by Poutinefest on Sparks Street for lunch and people watching. 

Three types of ketchup. My favourite? The "regular" ketchup. Yup...I'm adventurous. 

Trying to get a photo of three cousins on a bench in the middle of the afternoon was virtually impossible but we tried :)

Ivy's ice cream flavour of choice: blue.

April was good to us. Now we live in Stittsville and we are settled and happy and really just trying to soak up all the good weather we can :) 


  1. Congrats on the big move! From the looks of it, the house is gorgeous. The snoop in me would love to see a full tour - I love your decorating style. Enjoy the new digs! :)

  2. Wow! What an April. Your house is beautiful and so are you guys. Congratulations on the move. Your nieces are adorable too. You guys are so lucky. PS: Your brother is super hot! :)