Sunday, 28 September 2014

coop at the pumpkin patch

When you go from being a couple to being a family, suddenly everything becomes an opportunity to make a memory. Even though Coop won't remember picking out his very first pumpkin, it is so fun to bring him places (and even more fun for me when I get to bring my camera). 

I love documenting these first seasons of his life!

Our first mission was to find the correct size. This would be Ry looking a "Coop-sized pumpkin."

My favourite boys! I honestly can't believe Coop will one day be standing like this on his own. Hard to believe there was a time we were excited that he could hold his own head up!

The winning pumpkin!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

eating and sitting...when did that happen?

IT'S FALL! Coop is ready -- sweaters with elbow pads and all.  

He has also decided that it's about time he start sitting on his own. We are still piling pillows around him for when he changes his mind and falls over, but he's getting more stable by the day. 

A certain little mister has also started SWIMMING LESSONS! To my great delight, he loved it. The first lesson went phenomenally. His instructor is a sweet young girl named Bronwyn. We sing songs, push the babies around in a little floaty boat, and practise blowing bubbles. 

In my work life, I'm busy getting ready for the wedding show! 

Ryan and I are pretty proud of this stencilled sign we made -- man was that tedious...!

I was delighted to see a HUGE photo I took in Sarah's studio last week :)

And we had the loveliest lunch at Von's right after. 

Coop has also started baby-led weaning! He was showing an interest in food whenever we were eating, so we started him a tad early. He is obsessed now... This morning I was trying to eat a piece of toast right after feeding him and he was kicking around on his playmat and practically squealing, trying to get at it. 

We are still trying to work up to 3 consistent meal times in the highchair a day, but it takes some getting used to! 

With the arrival of fall comes new boots...

And homemade molasses cookies...

And playdates with friends! Coop really liked his friend Charlotte's jumper :)

Confirmed by the 2 and a half hour nap that followed...

Speaking of naps... I'll end this post with a few photos of our morning snuggle routine with Weezydog :)

Thursday, 18 September 2014

you little chunker

SEPTEMBER 18th, 2014

Hey chunky boy. I love you. 

I love our days together. I love walking into your room in the morning and seeing you kick your feet because you're just so excited to start the day. I can't believe we've already started baby-led weaning -- there was a time when that seemed so far away!

You've tasted bananas, cucumber, toast (a big hit!), sweet potato, mango, apple slices, a chunk of chicken, and broccoli (another fave). Seeing your confused face when you try something's just the best. Also, I've been having fun buying all these random fruits and veggies from the grocery store, even though I look like a crazy person checking out with one apple, one mango, one kiwi, and one sweet potato, etc.

Today you had your very first "class!" It was a songs & stories class at the library. You made a couple new friends (AKA stared a few other babies down) and then you got really scared of this big blue stuffed animal that the instructor carried around the room. You cried, but we all know you're just a faker.

Tonight is your very first swimming lesson! Please don't cry baby... I know water hasn't been your favourite thing so far in life (side note: why must you look so scared and uncomfortable in the bath?!), but I've chosen this pool specifically because I hear it's warmer than others. I sincerely hope you just LOVE it and you become a fish like your mama...but let's not get our hopes up. 

One last thing...I am not impressed that you currently fit into something that's 12-18 month size. STAY LITTLE LONGERRRR!

love, mom

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

baby boy, you're five months old

You're changing rapidly these days.

Your teeth are coming (and it makes your mama sad to see you in pain). You see something, you bite it, which makes taking photos of you quite difficult actually! You bit the chair I sit you against, you bite the teddy I put in your lap, and you try your hardest to chew on my fingers when I take something out of your mouth. 

You're grabbing things so consistently now and you've even managed to get your soother in all by yourself a few times!

You're rolling over from your back to your tummy, and you love it. You get your feet up in the air, kick off the ground, and tuck that arm under your body. Then you bring your head way up and look around. Your eyes find us and you smile; you're so proud of yourself when you flip over!

Still, your favourite thing is standing up. You plant your feet firmly on the ground and we hold your hands above your head. You get that adorable little "wiggle" going on in your hips as you try to balance. If we try to sit you down, you straighten your legs with all your might to tell us that you just want to stand.

You're starting to take an interest in food! This bodes well for the fact that we're starting baby-led weaning in exactly one month :) 

You're 5 months old and we just love you so much, you little monster! (I call you that because it makes you laugh. You also enjoy when I call you a stinker so...maybe there's a theme.)