Monday, 30 September 2013

sleeping for two weeks straight

Please excuse the gap in my blogging over the last few weeks...

It's 100% due to the fact that I've been sleeping CONSTANTLY. Literally between weeks 9-11 my day looked something like this:

9am: get up.
12pm: take a nap.
5pm: wake up from nap.
10pm: bed.

WHAT?! I swear I got nothing done, and blogging was certainly on that list. 

But now I'm just about 12 weeks (Wednesday to be exact), and just as the books mentioned, my energy is starting to come back. I feel like a superhero this morning because it's after 12pm and I'm not napping!

AND to top it off, I shot a 12 hour wedding on Saturday and photographed 6 mini sessions on Sunday. And somehow I've managed to get through it all with only a 2 hour nap. 

Loving this feeling of entering the second trimester!

On Wednesday we have our first ultrasound, and that's when we'll hear the heartbeat for the first time. I'm actually pretty nervous...since there's definitely a part of me that's expecting the ultrasound technician to say something like, "'re not pregnant! There's no baby in there! WEIRD that they told you you were pregnant..."

But my lovely husband reminds me of things like my sore boobs and how the doctor felt my stomach and told me my uterus was growing properly. 

Regardless, at least I didn't have to take my naps alone...

I'm counting down the days before I can announce the pregnancy to Facebook and my business blog!

Friday, 13 September 2013

the nursery is in the works...!

The nursery project has officially STARTED!!

Thankfully, I've been pinning ideas to my secret baby board for months now, so I have a ton of inspiration coming in the form of wall colours, prints and frames, baby shower invitation ideas, etc. 

Everything started when I found this one particular print of a vintage carnival...I just thought it would be a perfect starter piece for planning a little girl's room. 

Not that we have any idea whether the baby is a boy or a girl -- but we'll find out soon enough!!

Since I found that print, the carnival // hot air balloon // pastel theme has kept me SO excited. I really wanted to start working on the nursery early so that I could putter with it for the next 7ish months!

And on a TOTAL whim, Brittany and I started painting on Wednesday night. Around 4pm, I texted Britt to see if she'd be up for getting messy in the nursery. She was SO game, so I picked up the grey paint and we finished the first coat that night. 

I'm obsessed with how light and airy the room looked the morning after -- and I've decided to change that one turquoise wall to something a little lighter, and a little more mint-green. It would go perfectly for a nautical boy's room, or my carnival girl's room. 

We will need one more coat for sure, and then I can start on painting the inside of the closet (because let's face it, 4 paint colours in one room is too many.)

Just a taste of the instagram inspiration I've been collection too...

And other than the exciting nursery progress, not a lot has really been going on! I've been SOOOOO tired lately, and on average I'd say I'm napping for about 3 hours a day. Luckily, I have found the perfect napping buddy, who happens to like being under the covers just as much as me.

Coming up on 10 weeks soon!! And my second doctor's appointment is in a few days, but I think it's only the "prenatal counselling" appointment, and I doubt we'll do anything fun like hear the heartbeat or whatnot. 

All in due time!

P.S... We're finding it fun to imagine having extremely fashionable children.

P.P.S. I'm way too excited for Loraleah's baby shower on Sunday...EEEEEEE!!! 

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

to add to the list of things I've cried about...

We've been together for about 7 years.

And in that time, we've been playing the Question Game pretty much constantly...where we ask each other thought provoking questions with potentially strange and humourous answers. 


Would you trade one of your arms for the ability to fly?

How much money would you need to make in order to live in 
Canada for 6 months and somewhere tropical for the other 6?

Of all your friends, who would make 
the best blind person?

Obviously in 7 years, we've been able to learn a lot from each other...

But one day last week, we had to call the game on account of intense pregnancy hormones.

Ryan: If I went to went to war in Iraq, what --
Ryan: Okay, nevermind! I'm not going to war!

So yeah, we can add that to the list. 

P.S. the little baby is now the size of a prune...which is the grossest image that I've ever seen on the front page of my pregnancy app. So I prefer to think of the baby as the size of the one runt plum in the bucket.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

a week eight update (and a new CRIB!)

I have the nursery on my mind 24/7!!

Everywhere I go, I'm scoping colour schemes, cute dressers, and thinking up ideas for handmade prints that will grace the walls...

This light blue / ivory combination popped up yesterday while I was enjoying a decaf coffee and a cupcake with my lovely friend, Loraleah. Pregnant girls LOVE cupcakes apparently ;)

She gave me the sweetest gift...the What to Expect When You're Expecting book!! Can you believe I didn't already have one?! 

I now have a good start at the full set...

What to Expect BEFORE You're Expecting
What to Expect WHEN You're Expecting
What to Expect THE FIRST YEAR

Also along the lines of the nursery, we've officially started this huge project. The guest room has been used as storage up until now, and after getting rid of 3 BOXES of books and 5 FULL garbage bags, we're making a serious dent. 

Here's the original "before" pic...

And after hauling out the junk that we both can't believe we moved INTO our home...

Looking a little better. Still tons to do! I'm going to repaint the whole room...but I'm not 100% sure on what colour yet. All I know is that I like really bright/airy nurseries, instead of punchy and bright "kids"-looking rooms. 

ALSO....we have big news!


While we were in Toronto this past weekend visiting Auntie Rebecca and Uncle Scott, we popped into this sketchy warehouse of a store in search for the perfect crib. 

We were shocked with how many options there were!! And after much discussion, we made the purchase :)

Planning to pick it up on Thanksgiving weekend :)

Here are a few other shots from Toronto...!

Cousin Ivy & Evelyn!!

We're planning to start reading about how to create a super smart baby genius pretty soon... 

Just kidding, but actually we're both pretty excited to learn more about how babies think and grow. 

Before I even got pregnant, I planned on walking for at least 30 minutes a day during these 9 months and so far so good :) 

So that's pretty much everything that's new and exciting!!

Oh, two more things:

1. You're the size of a raspberry :)
2. You make my nails grow at a ridiculous speed.