Tuesday, 3 October 2017

october pjs and pumpkins on the porch

They're SO into Halloween this year. Actually, they're into EVERYTHING this year. You let them listen to a cool new song on the radio, it's their favourite. You tell them we are going to a bakery to get scones, scones are their favourite. You bring home skeleton jammies and spray paint the pumpkins gold, well did you know that skeleton jammies and gold pumpkins are their reason for living?! 

I love how spirited they are. I love how they give big squeezy hugs and sing songs at the top of their lungs. They're the same size, the same weight, and they want to be the same thing for Halloween (you'll have to wait for that one, friends.)

Getting photos of them on the porch is becoming a little tradition and it only took about 5 skittles to make it happen. We call him Snooze, Snoozer, Mr. Snooze, or Bubba. We call her Jills, Bills, Jilly-billy, and Honeygirl. We love this age and can't wait to spend the holiday season with them. Did I mention that holidays are their FAVE?!

Happy October, everyone!

iphone photos from september

My two favourite hair colours in the whole world. Who would have thought that Jilly would grow to be blonder than her brother! Where did that dark brown hair go?!

Fall means sweaters and sweaters mean CUTE BABIES. 

This is what happens when you ask them how old they are. Coop is 3, although he would say he's "almost 4." And Jilly is RRROAAARRRRR. 

Ry and I took a day trip to Boldt Castle after it was recommended to us by one of my clients! We had the BEST day, including many glasses of wine at the Cornwall Pub in Rockport, and lots of walking around the beautiful grounds on a perfectly sunny day. 

Vacationing an hour away from home, doesn't get better than that! 

Brittany & Zach's engagement session triggered a walk down memory lane into the photoshoots of our past. I'm in love with the condo-meets-wine-meets-Brutus session we made this month!

And just a couple weeks later we went to Toronto to do Kevin & Anna's engagement. Ry carried my bag and looked out on the view while I worked :)

And speaking of work, I was so happy to announce that my 2018 season had sold out! I sell out every year but it has never happened before the year actually begins, let alone in September. Feeling very very blessed to have the most amazing roster of clients for next year :)

It's still too soon, I can't even talk about it. Unless you ask me about it, in which case I have lots to say. 

Lunch in Toronto made complete with this adorable Italian restaurant, two half-litres of wine, some window shopping, and the besttttt pizza. 

Oh yeah, and this happened :)

Last bit of Summer pergola sitting with Chris, Gen, and a variety of homemade dips. They're the cutest. 

This crew makes me so happy. I can't even tell you how good it feels to find your people. The ones who can celebrate life with you when it's good, tear into the things that are giving you stress, and support every adventure, milestone, and triumph. I love these women so so much.  

Around the last week of September, Fall decided to actually show up. 

Which meant a porch makeover with some gold and white pumpkins :) My children believe some pumpkins actually grow gold. Let them believe in magic, people. 

When the kids come home dirty and sandy after school, sometimes it's best to just let them go to the park and get even dirtier. They're obsessed with jumbo slides, animal cookies, and wagon rides. 

Full scorpion. 

The best way to end this post. Fall -- we love you. 

October means 2 new halloween costumes to make, 4 weddings to shoot, and lots and lots of engagement sessions to finish out the season. YAY!

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

iphone photos from august

This monthly recap post has to be the shortest one I've ever made... Let's go ahead and blame that on 6 weddings in 4 weeks, shall we? I had two out of town weddings which meant two less weekends at home with my fam! I used to love any excuse to travel for work, but now I'm really starting to appreciate the quality time that local weddings allow. 

Even though this post is short, the month was still so full of joy, starting with a holiday Monday with our nieces in Ottawa. We went to the MosaiCanada exhibit, which was seriously impressive :)

The cutest little bunch of cousins you ever did see!!

How cool is that! The kids loved it. 

Birthday celebrations for the three ladies!

Coffee date with my favourite person in a new spot :)

I played auntie/mom for one of the days that Ivy and Evelyn were visiting. It was long. I don't know how regular moms do this whole kid thing... The next day when I dropped my kids off at school I wanted to hug the teachers. 

We did have fun though :)

Ryan and I began our journey of trying to reduce the amount of sugar we eat :) That, and minimalism. Two documentaries in one week and basically a whole lifestyle shake-up. 

This pretty much sums up their personalities right now. Coop is always happy and loving, while Jilly is going through a smidge of the grumps. She's getting two new teeth, which I've decided is to blame for her moments of being unpleasant. 

Ohhhhh goodness. This photo. Taken in a moment of optimism when I thought that my delayed flight from Ottawa to Toronto wouldn't impact my connection to Sudbury. Little did I know I would end up having to drive to Sudbury and check into my hotel at 4am the morning before shooting an 11 hour wedding day. Nailed it, survived, and lived to tell the tale :)

Snaps from a gorgeous styled shoot that I had the honour of working on!!

Egg white, edamame, spinach, goat cheese & cherry tomato omelette :) 

Walsh and I have been SO busy lately, but we finally found an afternoon where we could get together to drink sangria on the patio! Tell me this isn't the last time for the season :(

Backwards day at school.  

Sugar free scones -- so good we actually made them twice. 

Ending this post the way we end most weekends: in the bath. Dirty faces and heads full of sand -- these weekend-loving hunnies are our faves. 

Bring on the FALL!